Painting Prices – Cost of Painting Interior and Exterior

Giving your home or office a fresh coat of paint can work wonders and give it fresh, new life. 

Painting yourself is frustrating because it is time-consuming, hard work and you may not know the right technique for a professional finish. 

Hiring a professional painter makes sense as they will do the job quicker and more professionally, potentially saving you time, money, and a lot of hassle! 

Painters charge either per square meter, a daily rate, an hourly rate or a total cost. 

Interior wall painting R50 per m2R100 per m2
Painting one roomR500 in totalR2000 in total
Exterior wall painting (excluding materials)R40 per m2R100 per m2
Roof paintingR40 per m2R100 per m2
Painter labor rate (excluding materials)R40 per m2R75 per m2

If you want to be quoted for painting per square meter, you want the price of painting per room or the total price for painting your house, just ask your painting pro for an accurate quote! 

How Much Does Painting Cost Per Room? 

It is difficult to give an accurate price for painting one room because it depends on how large the room is and how high the walls are.

It also depends on the type of paint you want. 

However, the average cost of painting one room is between R500 to R2000

What Affects the Price of Painting?

The cost of painting your house will depend on these factors:

  • Preparation work required
  • Paint used
  • Wall texture
  • Size of area to be painted
  • Extras needed
  • Exterior or interior painting

Preparation Work Required

The amount of prep work your painter needs to do will affect the price. 

If the painter needs to fill holes in the wall, clean dirt off the walls, or remove loose paint, this will increase the labour and overall cost of painting. 

Dark paint needs a layer of primer paint and this will also increase the painting cost. 

Paint Used

Paint is the main factor affecting the cost of painting. 

The more expensive the paint you choose, the higher the cost of painting will be. 

Premium quality, gloss paint is more expensive than standard wall paint. Bear in mind that if you select a good quality paint, fewer coats will be needed so the final cost could work out very similarly. 

Wall Texture

If your walls are smooth, it will be easy for your painting pro to apply the paint. Textured walls are more difficult to paint and often need additional labour to touch up missed spots. 

Size of Area to be Painted

The larger the area to be painted, the higher the painting price will be. 

If you only need 1 room to be painted, it will be much cheaper than having the entire house painted. 

Extras Needed

If you need your skirting boards, cupboards, or doors painted, this will be an extra cost as your painter will need to buy extra paint and hire more labour. 

Sometimes, the painter will need to sand down surfaces or remove previous paint, and this will also increase the cost of painting

Interior or Exterior Painting

Interior painting is quicker, safer and less equipment is needed.

With exterior painting, on the other hand, your painter will likely need ladders, safety equipment and more time, which pushes up the price of painting

How Do I Choose the Right Painter? 

Choosing the right painter is very important as it will affect how your home or business premises looks. 

Below are some useful tips for choosing a good painter:

  • Find a local painter. It’s best to find a painter in your local area to reduce the traveling cost.
  • Check online reviews. A good painter should have at least a few good online reviews from previous, happy clients.
  • Ask for photos of previous work done. This is a telling sign of the painter’s work quality. 
  • How much experience does the painter have? Ask the painter how many years of experience they have and what their area of specialty is. 
  • They should be able to answer any questions you have. Need your painter to use a special technique or wondering how long the job will take? Ask them!